Jesus said our most important calling in life is to love God and one another. We take that seriously at the United Church of Pittsford. We strive to look at everything we do, and how we do it, through the lens of love and compassion.

Ways we CARE:

Praying for One Another

During our worship service every Sunday, people often share their joys and concerns with the congregation, and we pray together. Those public joys and concerns are shared during the week with everyone else so the whole church can pray for others. We have a prayer chain, an email sent to people who have agreed to pray for specific needs, so that a group of people can pray for any needs that may come up during the week.

Sharing Our Lives

As a congregation, we encourage everyone to create opportunities to share their lives with one another, and individuals do that in many ways:
  • Making phone calls, sending cards, going to the hospital, visiting people at home - especially in times of sickness or distress
  • Sharing meals and fun times, such as our June Weddings group
  • Planning regular times to learn, pray, eat, and have fun together, such as an adult book club and youth group activities

Shepherd Groups

Everyone who participates actively in our church becomes part of a "Shepherd Group," with "shepherds"/leaders who stay in touch through the year with what is happening in the lives of the people in that group. In the fall, we have annual Sunday luncheons for the groups to celebrate their lives together.

Prayer Request Form

We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know.