The United Church of Pittsford is
an inclusive community of hope and love
serving, caring, and learning together
for transformation in our world.


July 1 began our 6-month journey through the New Testament.
Find the reading schedule and notes here. You can read and listen, as well as find help for reading it, on our church app. Or click here for more information. 


From the pastor:  We are all anxious these days, wondering what comes next and how long all of it will last. We have never been here before. In 50 years as a pastor, I have never cancelled services and activities at the church for weeks at a time. Ever. The church has always been the one place we could go for support and encouragement during difficult times. We are doing everything we can to help provide that during this time.

The Church Council recently decided on a path forward. We have a great congregation, always ready to serve, care, and learn together. We can continue to do this through this uncertain time. Here is what you need to know moving forward:

 Contacting Us:

The office will be open only 3 mornings a week (Tuesday - Thursday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm). We will check phone messages (586-6870) and email (
Our pastor will work from home mostly, but feel free to message him here.


Most activities are still cancelled indefinitely, but on July 12 Sunday worship services begin again at 10:00 am. We will record them live and continue to post on our church app, website, and Facebook.  Click here for sermons.

Updating You:

Our Facebook page will have regular posts where you will find (1) Coronavirus updates on what’s happening at the church and (2) Videos of special services we will post each Sunday.  Meetings are continuing via Zoom to work on a new church structure.

Communications &  Meetings:

Email blasts and the Dialogue  will be coming out weekly and monthly as always. 

Staying in Touch:

Our website has multiple resources for keeping in touch during these difficult times, our new app is also available for connecting to our many resources. Worship services will continue to be recorded and uploaded to the website (see videos) . If you have any questions, suggestions, or just need to talk, please don't hesitate to reach out.


The church will continue to pay its bills, of course. You can now give online here.  Or send a check for your pledge or gift to the church: United Church of Pittsford, 123 South Main St., Pittsford, NY 14534. Or drop it off at the church office Monday or Thursday morning. – Many of you bring donations of food items every week for the Pittsford and Rochester food banks and many people will need that help more than ever. Please do bring it to the church on Monday or Thursday morning.


We believe that God has equipped each of us for some form of ministry in the world. We offer numerous ways for you to become more involved in our church, find your own place, and discover new ways to serve our community and the world beyond.


Jesus said our most important calling in life is to love God and one another. We take that seriously by striving to look at everything we do and how we do it through the lens of love and compassion.


Our Christian Education program promotes life-long learning and spiritual growth for children, youth, and adults under the guidance of the Holy Scriptures and in a safe and caring environment.


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Audio or video recordings of our Sunday Sermons can be found in the link below.