The United Church of Pittsford is
an inclusive community of hope and love
serving, caring, and learning together
for transformation in our world.

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This Sunday's Bulletin:


Dear Friends:
This week some of you have contacted me to voice your concern over our in-person worship and protocols for safeguarding our members’ health during this lingering pandemic. In the same regard I received a letter from Rev. Dr. Sandra Hasenauer, our Regional Executive Minister of the ABC RGR, asking us to prayerfully consider going to an “online” Church format only for a short time. I include part of Rev. Sandy’s message to pastors here:
But once again, I write to urge extreme caution right now, in the weeks of January and February
especially, as numbers of infections skyrocket across the country, as hospital beds become filled,
and the impact of the normal cold and flu season becomes ever riskier. I received word earlier today
that the Rochester City School District is returning to virtual learning as a temporary measure to
keep the children safe, and because their staff numbers have been impacted due to infections.
It's virulent. It's nasty. But we can play a role in helping to slow it down.
In a monthly prayer meeting I attend with denominational leaders, today we reflected on Psalm
36:5-10. We used The Voice version, and I was struck particularly by verse 8b in which people
"drink from the river of [God's] overflowing kindness." I have been praying and reflecting on the
word "kindness," and what it means to drink from the river of God's overflowing kindness, and
what it especially means to then be called to be a vessel of God's kindness in the world.
I fully believe the way we show God's kindness right now is by being protective of our
congregants. God loves us, God loves our people, and God wants our people to be safe. God
has given us the means to do that, and as leaders, we are given watchcare over people God
has given us. As we remember from the beginning of all of this, I'm not saying, "close the
church." I'm saying, "be church online." Some of our churches have already chosen to do
this--thank you for that prayerful decision. I strongly encourage the rest of you to give it your
prayerful consideration as well.

The Council of UCP voted last evening to take heed to the voice of kindness. In an effort
to take particular care of our congregation and of our area’s health professionals we
have decided that for a short time we need to come together on-line again and SUSPEND
IN-PERSON worship
. It is just for a time. Council will revisit this again next month at the
February meeting. 
We can care for each other in this time by calling and texting one
another. We will plan a ZOOM meeting for members to see each other. We can be in
prayer for one another.
As your leader in this Interim time, I commend this very hard but very caring decision on
the part of the UCP Council!
Pastor Joanne


Due to the recent increase in COVID transmissions we are moving worship completely online. This decision will be revisited by Council again in February.
We are following CDC recommendations. Masks are required for our indoor gatherings . We continue to clean surfaces and keep movement to a minimum.

Each service will be Livestreamed. Our Livestream is available above, on the church app, Facebook, and YouTube. A recording of the service will be available afterwards on our website.

 We look forward to seeing you soon! 


We believe that God has equipped each of us for some form of ministry in the world. We offer numerous ways for you to become more involved in our church, find your own place, and discover new ways to serve our community and the world beyond.


Jesus said our most important calling in life is to love God and one another. We take that seriously by striving to look at everything we do and how we do it through the lens of love and compassion.


Our Christian Education program promotes life-long learning and spiritual growth for children, youth, and adults under the guidance of the Holy Scriptures and in a safe and caring environment.