Mission & Vision


 The United Church of Pittsford is
an inclusive community of hope and love
serving, caring, and learning together
for transformation in our world.


Inclusive Community
·       ‘Inclusive’ means we fully affirm and welcome every person and work to remove any barriers to doing so.
·       God’s unconditional, inclusive love for all the world calls us to be an inclusive community.

·       Community happens as people are joined together in heart and spirit to live and work for the common good.
·       Community refers to the UCP community and its mission within the wider community.

Hope and Love
·       Meaning and purpose for life come through hope and love – essential for the life God intends.
·       The gospel offers hope and love to all people, and our call is to be living examples in every way we can.  

·       Serving God and people lies at the heart of the gospel. Jesus said: “I came not to be served, but to serve and to give my life.”
·       Service includes all actions that make life good as we live in love for the earth and all its creatures.  

·       Grace and compassion form a core of the gospel. All attitudes and actions rooted in these forms of love are part of caring.
·       Caring for one another within the church community extends to caring for people in the wider community.  

·       “Go into all the world and make disciples,” Jesus said. Discipleship and disciple-making are the foundation of the mission of the Church.
·       Disciples are life-long learners. All who follow Jesus continue to learn together and practice their learning in serving and caring.

·       Healing, freedom, life, and love are the essence of a new creation in Christ.
·       God empowers us through the Spirit to work for transformation in our world.